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Lachlan Elsworth

Lachlan has had a professional history in the trading markets, having traded a combination of Shares, Managed Funds, CFD’s, FOREX and FUTURES for over 24 years. Lachlan now specializes in both teaching and trading FUTURES exclusively, due to the ‘anti-manipulation’ protections built in to the FUTURES Markets globally.

Lachlan has chosen to teach traders globally, the art of trading the Futures Markets using his proprietary thinking and strategy.

Lachlan has been offered the opportunity to educate and speak globally on the subject of Futures Trading and is regularly called upon to write for trading related magazines in Australia. Lachlan specializes in teaching Commodity, Currency and Stock Index trading using a 60 Minute and 5 Minute Combination Strategy, and focuses on short term trend trading across these market classes.

Lachlan’s speciality skills include;

  • Strategy Development
  • Risk Control
  • Multi-Direction Trading across The Commodity Currency And Index Markets

Lachlan is currently the Founder and Trading System Architect behind both the ‘I Love Trading’ and the ‘International Day Trading Academy Pty Ltd’ companies.

Lachlan is developing the I Love Trading brand, globally, to create an awareness about what 100% transparency in the financial markets actually means and the advantages of trading with this transparency.

Lachlan is a massive advocate for ‘manipulation free markets’ and hence teaches traders globally how to trade the exact FUTURES markets he does.

It is this exact ethos that Lachlan teaches to every one of his clients globally and if you choose, you can be one of his students as well!